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PS Passthrough

Purpose: This add-on is intended to allow you to use a licensed 3rd party, "categorized" device to authenticate with a Playstation 4 or Playstation 5.

GP2040-CE Configurator - PS Passthrough

Web Configurator Options

  • D+ - The GPIO Pin used to carry Data Plus between the USB Host Port and RP2040
  • D- - The GPIO Pin used to carry Data Minus between the USB Host Port and RP2040. This cannot be set and will be automatically determined from D+.
  • 5V Power (optional) - The GPIO Pin used to enable 5V power to the host port on the board.
5V Power

This is only applicable to a small number of boards (e.g. Adafruit RP2040 Feather USB Host) and most boards do not require this to be set.


If you have PS Passthrough enabled, you must turn off the PS4 Mode add-on as the two will not work together.

Ensure that under the Settings section you have chosen the PS4 for the input mode in order to use the GP2040-CE device as a controller or as a fightstick.



This add-on requires that you have something like the USB Passthrough Board or a board with a USB passthrough port on it already.


Example Wiring

USB Host Wiring Diagram

  • VCC - Connects to 5V power (Example: VBUS on the Raspberry Pi Pico)
  • D+ - Connects to the D+ GPIO Pin above, set in the Web Configurator. (Example: GPIO0 on the Raspberry Pi Pico)
  • D- - Connects to the D- GPIO Pin above, automatically set based on D+. (Example: GPIO1 on the Raspberry Pi Pico)
  • GND - Connects to a ground pin, any GND pin will work. (Example: GND on the Raspberry Pi Pico)

For D+ and D-, any set of GPIO pins can be used from the RP2040. However, there is a requirement that D- GPIO must immediately follow D+.

Miscellaneous Notes

This add-on is not compatible with the PS4 Mode add-on. In order to use one, the other must be disabled.