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Xbox One Passthrough

Purpose: This add-on is intended to provide support for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles on a GP2040 controller through the use of a passthrough authentication device attached to a USB host port.

GP2040-CE Configurator - PS Passthrough

Web Configurator Options

GPIO Pin Assignment

The Data, 5V Enable, and Pin Orientation options for USB host ports are now configured in Configuration > Peripheral Mapping - USB Host.


If you have Xbox One Passthrough enabled, you use the Xbox One input mode in order to utilize this add-on.



This add-on requires that you have a USB host port available on your device connected to GPIO pins on the RP2040 board. There are a number of methods to do so.

See USB Host Port Installation for more information on the requirements for adding a USB host port to your controller.


Example Wiring


While this example wiring guide uses a Raspberry Pi Pico, the general principle applies to ALL RP2040 based boards.

USB Host Wiring Diagram

  • VCC - Connects to 5V power (Example: VBUS on the Raspberry Pi Pico)
  • D+ - Connects to the D+ GPIO Pin above, set in the Web Configurator. (Example: GPIO0 on the Raspberry Pi Pico)
  • D- - Connects to the D- GPIO Pin above, automatically set based on D+. (Example: GPIO1 on the Raspberry Pi Pico)
  • GND - Connects to a ground pin, any GND pin will work. (Example: GND on the Raspberry Pi Pico)


For D+ and D-, any set of GPIO pins can be used from the RP2040. However, there is a requirement that D- GPIO must immediately precede or follow D+ (i.e. D+ = GPIO Pin X -> D- must be X+1 or X-1).

Miscellaneous Notes