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Multi-Platform Gamepad Firmware for RP2040

GP2040-CE (Community Edition) is a gamepad firmware for the Raspberry Pi Pico and other boards based on the RP2040 microcontrollers that combines multi-platform compatibility, low latency and a rich feature set to provide endless customization possibilities without sacrificing performance.

GP2040-CE is compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam Deck, MiSTer and Android.

Downloads | Installation | Wiring | Usage | FAQ | GitHub

Full documentation can be found at


  • Select from 13 input modes including X-Input, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, D-Input, and Keyboard
  • Input latency average of 0.76ms in Xinput and 0.91ms for Playstation 5.
  • Multiple SOCD cleaning modes - Up Priority (a.k.a. Stickless), Neutral, and Second Input Priority.
  • Left and Right stick emulation via D-pad inputs as well as dedicated toggle switches.
  • Dual direction via D-pad + LS/RS.
  • Reversed input via a button.
  • Turbo and Turbo LED with selectable speed
  • Per-button RGB LED support.
  • PWM Player indicator LED support (XInput only).
  • Multiple LED profiles support.
  • Support for 128x64 monochrome I2C displays - SSD1306, SH1106, and SH1107 compatible.
  • Custom startup splash screen and easy image upload via web configuration.
  • Support for passive buzzer speaker (3v or 5v).
  • Built-in, embedded web configuration - No download required!

Visit the GP2040-CE Usage page for more details.


Input latency is tested using the methodology outlined at WydD's website, using the default 1000 Hz (1 ms) polling rate in the firmware. You can read more about the setup we use to conduct latency testing HERE if you are interested in testing for yourself or would just like to know more about the devices used to do the testing.

VersionModePoll RateMinMaxAvgStdev% on time%1f skip%2f skip
v0.7.9Xinput1 ms0.45 ms1.28 ms0.76 ms0.24 ms98.48%1.52%0%
v0.7.9Switch1 ms0.41 ms1.23 ms0.72 ms0.24 ms98.53%1.47%0%
v0.7.9Dinput (PS3)1 ms0.44 ms1.27 ms0.75 ms0.24 ms98.49%1.51%0%
v0.7.9PS41 ms0.55 ms2.26 ms0.90 ms0.32 ms98.21%1.79%0%
v0.7.9PS51 ms0.55 ms2.33 ms0.91 ms0.33 ms98.18%1.82%0%

Full results can be found in the GP2040-CE v0.7.9 Firmware Latency Test Results .xlsx Sheet.

Results from v0.7.8 can be found HERE. Previous results can be found in the latency_testing folder.


If you would like to discuss features, issues or anything else related to GP2040-CE please create an issue or join the OpenStick GP2040-CE Discord support channel.


Want to help improve GP2040-CE? There are a bunch of ways to contribute!

Community Participation

Have an idea for a cool new feature, or just want to discuss some technical details with the developers? Join the OpenStick GP2040-CE Discord server to participate in our active and ever-growing community!

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcome and encouraged for enhancements, bug fixes and documentation updates.

Please respect the coding style of the file(s) you are working in, and enforce the use of the .editorconfig file when present.