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Your controller has a board in it that processes your inputs and translates that to commands that your computer or game console understands. GP2040-CE is firmware that facilitates this process, providing compatibility with a number of consoles and input modes. In addition to this, there are many other useful features through the Web Configurator and the system of community developed add-ons.

Not sure if your board can run GP2040-CE? As long as it has a RP2040 microprocessor, it's likely that it can. If your current controller board does not, there are a large number of hobbyist boards from the community that do support GP2040-CE.


This section of the documentation is primarily geared towards end users who are looking to use their controllers without diving into the minutiae of configuring and customizing their device. Given a controller, how to get to using it as soon as possible. It consists of the following sections.

  • Firmware Installation: In the event that you need to install firmware (e.g. setting up a new board, updating to a new version, or as part of troubleshooting)
  • Usage: Descriptions of the various features and functions available for use with GP2040-CE
  • Hotkeys: A list of the various hotkey shortcuts available for use with GP2040-CE.

The actual buttons for the shortcut may differ as they are customizable and can be set by your device's vendor or seller.

  • Web Configurator: The built-in web-based configuration application to changes various settings related to firmware operations and features.
  • RGB LED: A list of the various hotkey shortcuts to control RGB LED animations, color patterns, and behaviors.
  • Getting Help/Support: How to get help in the event of issues or malfunction

Additional Resources

If you feel ready to start customizing your controller's functions, have a look at the Web Configurator section of documentation.

If you want to build your own device, check out the Controller Building section in the sidebar.

If you want to go even deeper into the firmware to compile your own configuration of the firmware or even contributing to the code, have a look at the Contribute section of the documentation.