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Hardware Requirements

GP2040-CE requires that addressable RGB LEDs be used for nearly all LED functions.

The exception to this are Player LEDs, which can use pulse width modulation (PWM) to vary the brightness of the LEDs.

RGB LED Hotkeys

S1 + S2 + B3Next Animation
S1 + S2 + B1Previous Animation
S1 + S2 + B4Brightness Up
S1 + S2 + B2Brightness Down
S1 + S2 + R1LED Parameter Up
S1 + S2 + R2LED Parameter Down
S1 + S2 + L1Pressed Parameter Up
S1 + S2 + L2Pressed Parameter Down

The LED Parameter hotkeys may affect color, speed or theme depending on the current RGB LED animation. The Pressed Parameter options will change the colors/effects for the on-press animations.

RGB LED Animations

The following animations are available:

NameDescriptionLED Parameter
OffTurn off per-button RGB LEDs-
Static ColorSets all LEDs to the same colorCycle through colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Seafoam, Aqua, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Magenta
Rainbow CycleAll LEDs cycle through the color wheel displaying the same colorAdjust animation speed
Rainbow ChaseA fading, rainbow cycling lines travels across the LED chainAdjust animation speed
Static ThemeSet the LEDs to a pre-defined static themeCycle through themes, see RGB LED Static Themes for details.

RGB LED Static Themes

Static RainbowStatic Rainbow
Xbox (All)Xbox (All)
Super FamicomSuper Famicom
Super Famicom (All)Super Famicom (All)
PlayStation (All)Xbox (All)
Neo Geo StraightNeo Geo Classic
Neo Geo CurvedNeo Geo Curved
Neo Geo ModernNeo Geo Modern
Six Button FighterSix Button Fighter
Six Button Fighter +Six Button Fighter +
Street Fighter 2Street Fighter 2
Guilty Gear Type-AGuilty Gear Type-A
Guilty Gear Type-BGuilty Gear Type-B
Guilty Gear Type-CGuilty Gear Type-C
Guilty Gear Type-DGuilty Gear Type-D
Guilty Gear Type-EGuilty Gear Type-E