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Buzzer Speaker

Purpose: This add-on is intended to allow you to add a buzzer to your GP2040-CE device and play sounds.

GP2040-CE Configurator - Add-Ons Buzzer

Web Configurator Options

  • Use buzzer - Turns on/off the buzzer module.
  • Buzzer Pin - The GPIO pin used for the buzzer.
  • Buzzer Volume - Audio volume of buzzer. Ranges from 0-100.



  • 3-3.3V Piezo speaker

The speaker only needs to have pins for power (VCC) and ground (GND). If there is an I/O pin on speaker, you can jump the pins and use only the VCC connected to RP2040 GPIO pin.


  • Plug into GPIO pin on board to VCC on speaker
  • Enter GPIO pin into web config

Miscellaneous Notes