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On-board LED Configuration

Purpose: This add-on is intended to allow you to use the onboard LED of a board to act as either a Mode, Input Test or PS4/5 Authentication indicator.

GP2040-CE Configurator - Add-Ons On-Board LED Configuration

Web Configurator Options

  • Off - LED is off
  • Mode Indicator
    • LED is solid if device is powered with connected data
    • LED blinks rapidly if powered with no data
    • LED blinks slowly when in web-config mode
  • Input Test - LED is off but turns on when any input is pressed (LED turns off when button is released).
  • PS4/5 Authentication - LED is solid is when the authentication call has been triggered and is successful



This add-on requires that the RP2040 board being used already has a LED onboard.



Miscellaneous Notes