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Custom LED Theme

GP2040-CE Configurator - Custom LED Theme

  • Enable - Enables the use of Custom LED Theme.
  • Preview Layout - Predefined layouts for previewing LED theme. NOTE: This is for preview only, does not affect controller operation.
  • Clear All - Prompts for confirmation to reset the current theme to all buttons black (LEDs off). Make sure you have saved and have a backup if you don't want to lose your customizations.
  • Set All To Color - Presents a color picker to set all buttons to the same normal or pressed color.
  • Set Gradient - Sets a horizontal gradient across the action buttons according to the Preview Layout selection.
  • Set Pressed Gradient - Same as Set Gradient, but for pressed button state.
  • Save Color - Save a custom color to the color picker palette.
  • Delete Color - Deletes a custom color from the color picker palette. Stock colors cannot be deleted.

All saved colors and gradient selections are saved to your browser's local storage.

If enabled, the Custom LED Theme will be available as another animation mode and will cycle with the Previous Animation and Next Animation shortcuts on your controller. You can also use the Data Backup and Restoration feature to create and share themes!