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Display Configuration

GP2040-CE supports the use of a display module such as an OLED with a SSD1306, SH1106, or SH1107 display IC.

GP2040-CE Configurator - Display Configuration

Hardware Options

  • Enabled - Turns on/off the display module.
  • I2C Block - The Pico I2C block that will be used. Set based on pins, refer to table on page.
  • I2C Address - The I2C address of your device, defaults to the very commonly used 0x3C.

Screen Options

  • Flip Display - Allows you to flip or mirror the display in a variety of ways.
  • Invert Display - Inverts the pixel colors, effectively giving you a negative image when enabled.

Layout Options

Button Layout Combinations

Be sure to pick left and right layouts that match. Some layout combinations result in overlapping buttons on the screen.

  • Button Layout (Left) - Changes the onscreen layout for the left side of the display and stick.
  • Button Layout (Right) - Changes the onscreen layout for the right side of the display and stick.
  • Splash Mode - Enables or disables a splash screen displaying when the unit is turned on.
  • Splash Duration - Sets the amount of time the splash screen displays for on boot.
  • Display Saver Timeout - Will cause the display to turn off after the specified number of minutes. Pressing any input will cause the display to turn back on.
  • Choose File - Upload your own image to be used for the splash screen.

Custom Splash Screen

It is recommend that you use a two color 128x64 image (or one that is sized appropriately for your display). Uploading any other type of image will result in a conversion and sizing of the image automatically.

Supported Formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP


Animated GIFs are not supported at this time.

Check out our collection of great custom splash screens from the community HERE

Display Elements

GP2040-CE Configurator - Display Example

This area contains an explanation of display elements and provide an example for how it may appear on your device.

Top Row

Going from left to right, the display elements are

  • Input Mode - Displays the current input mode
    • XINPUT - XInput
    • SWITCH - Nintendo Switch
    • DINPUT - PS3/DirectInput
    • HID-KB - Keyboard
    • PS4 - Controller Mode set as Controller, will change to PS4:AS on successful authentication
    • PS4:AS - PS4 Mode add-on successfully authenticated
    • PS5 - Controller Mode Set as Arcade Stick, will change to PS5:AS on successful authentication
    • PS5:AS - PS Passthrough add-on successfully authenticated
    • XBONE - Xbox One compatible with Xbox One Passthrough
    • OGXBOX - Original XBox
    • GEN/MD - Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Mini
    • NGMINI - NEOGEO mini
    • PCE/TG - PC Engine/Turbografx 16 Mini
    • EGRET - EGRET II Mini
    • PSC - Playstation Classic
  • Turbo - Will display T## when Turbo is enabled where ## is the number of presses per second
  • DPad Mode - Displays the current DPad Mode
  • SOCD Cleaning Mode - Displays the current SOCD cleaning Mode
  • Macros - M will appear if Macros are enabled and this cannot be disabled.


The appearance of this area will depend on the particular configuration of your Button Layouts on the Left and Right sides

  • Turbo Rings - When using the Turbo Mode is enabled on individual buttons, the buttons will have a smaller inner ring as an indicator. When disabled, this button will disappear.


  • Input History - Will display input history when the Input History add-on is enabled and configured