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Macro Settings

Macros are a series or combination of gamepad inputs triggered with a single button or a combination of buttons.

GP2040-CE Configurator - Macros

Macro Options

Macro Button Pin - The GPIO Pin used to activate macros in combination with other inputs when Uses Button is enabled and set.


This is the name of the macro and is optional.


  • Off - The macro is not available for use.
  • On - The macro is available for use when triggered by either the GPIO pin or the combination set in Uses Button.


  • Off - The macro cannot be stopped and will execute all lines until the macro is completed.
  • On - Any input will stop the current ongoing macro or, if the input is another macro, the interrupting macro trigger will start executing instead.
Interrupting Macros

When a macro stops for any reason and are triggered. again, the macro starts again from the beginning.


  • Off - Additional inputs from user will be sent as the macro continues to execute, resulting in a blend of macro and user inputs.
  • On - Filters only the macro inputs through and excludes any additional user gamepad inputs

This option is only available when Interruptible is disabled.

Show Frames

  • Off - The duration in the macro input line editor will appear in milliseconds (ms).
  • On - The duration in the macro input line editor will appear as a number of frames, assuming 60 frames per second.

Uses Button

  • Off - This macro is assigned to a GPIO pin on the board and when pressed, the macro will be triggered.
  • On - This macro is assigned to a button combination of Macro Button Pin + Input where the input can be any of the standard gamepad inputs.

Trigger Mode

This describes is how the GPIO pin or the combination set in Uses Button triggers and repeats the macro.

  • Press - Full press of button triggers the macro once
  • Hold Repeat - Holding button to repeatedly triggers macro
  • Toggle - Full press of button causes the macro to repeatedly trigger, another full press of the button will stop the macro from repeatedly triggering.

Macro Input Line Editor

Each individual macro has a maximum of 50 lines where each input line has a maximum of 18 gamepad inputs (using all available gamepad inputs).

GP2040-CE Configurator - Macro Input Line

Each input line is composed of the following elements from left to right.

Input Line Duration ms/frame(s) Inputs | Post Input Wait Duration ms

  • Input Line Duration - The duration that the inputs are held for. (Maximum 4,294,967ms or 268,435 frames)
  • Inputs - The inputs to be held during the execution of the input line.
  • Post Input Wait Duration - The duration in-between when that input line finishes executing and when the next line will start executing. (Maximum 4,294,967ms or 268,435 frames)
Deleting Input Lines

To delete an input line, double-click the "x" button.