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Pin Mapping

GP2040-CE Configurator - Pin Mapping

Here you can remap the GP2040-CE buttons to different GPIO pins on the RP2040 chip. This can be used to simply remap buttons or bypass a GPIO pin that may have issues on your device.

The following options are available for assignment to each GPIO Pin.


Options are not limited to a single GPIO pin assignment and can be assigned multiple times (e.g. GPIO pins 0-29 can all be assigned to Up, if desired).

Pin Viewer 🎮

This tool is available to see what GPIO pin is physically wired to a button. Click on the button and follow the prompt. It will ask you to press the button and then display a "Pressed pin".

Map Buttons With 🎮

GP2040-CE Configurator - Pin Mapping - "Map buttons with..."

If you do not know what pins are mapped to which button on your device, there is a tool available to help. Click on the button shown above and follow the prompt. It will ask you to press each standard gamepad input found in Buttons one at a time.

GP2040-CE Configurator - Pin Mapping - Prompt

  • If you do not wish to map a specific input, you can click Skip Button and proceed.
  • If you do not need to map any more inputs, click Stop Capture.


You can configure profiles that will change the GPIO to GP2040-CE button mappings based on what profile number you have set. This means that you can have button layouts for different use cases and change between them without the need to enter the Web Configurator and remap GPIO pins.

The profile number either using the Web Configurator on the Settings page or using a hotkey shortcut. There is not a default input combination associated with these Load Profile #1-4 hotkey shortcuts so you will likely need to set them up in the Settings page under Hotkey Settings.


At this time, profiles are limited to changing GPIO pin assignment can cannot be used to change other settings and add-ons that are not directly related to GPIO pin assignment and available to set. This includes, but is not limited to, settings and add-ons such as

  • Boot Input Modes
  • Hotkeys
  • Peripheral Mapping
  • Keyboard Mapping Assignments
  • Tilt Input
  • Wii Extension
  • SNES Extension
  • Focus Mode
  • Keyboard Host Button-to-Key mapping