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Dual Directional Input

Purpose: This add-on is intended to allow additional digital buttons to be used for directional inputs with either the D-Pad, or the cardinal directions of the Left and Right analog joystick at maximum magnitude.

GP2040-CE Configuration - Add-Ons Dual Directional Input

Web Configurator Options

GPIO Pin Mapping Moved

The pin(s) are now configured on the Pin Mapping page by choosing the correct option for the selected pin.

  • DDI Up
  • DDI Down
  • DDI Left
  • DDI Right
  • Dual D-Pad Mode - Choose if this should act as an additional instance of a D-Pad, Left analog joystick, or Right analog joystick.
  • Combination Mode - Choose how these direction inputs should be combined with gamepad directions.
  • Dual Directional 4-Way Joystick Mode - Enables 4-Way Joystick mode on the DDI Joystick, which will prevent non-cardinal directions from registering. When a second cardinal direction input is received, the gamepad direction will change to the newest cardinal direction, similar to SOCD Last Win.

Dual D-Pad Mode Values

  • D-PAD for D-Pad mode.
  • Left Analog for Left analog joystick mode.
  • Right Analog for Right analog joystick mode.

Combination Mode

  • Mixed - Combines both the Gamepad directions and Dual Direction Input directions and allows for all 3 SOCD modes.
  • Gamepad - Gamepad always takes over when pressed, otherwise Gamepad and Dual act independently.
  • Dual Directional - Dual always takes over when pressed, otherwise Gamepad and Dual act independently.
  • None - Gamepad input and dual directional act independently of each other.



Additional buttons are required for each of the additional directions desired.


For each button, connect one side of the button to their respective GPIO pin as assigned in the Web Configurator. Connect the other side of the buttons to GND.

Miscellaneous Notes

"Gamepad direction" refers to the core directions ("Up"), whereas "Dual Direction Input directions" refers to the directions used by this add-on ("DDI Up").