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LED Configuration

If you have a setup with per-button RGB LEDs, they can be configured here.

RGB LED Configuration

GP2040-CE Configurator - LED Configuration

  • Data Pin - The GPIO pin that will drive the data line for your RGB LED chain. Set to -1 to disable RGB LEDs.
  • LED Format - The data format used to communicate with your RGB LEDs. If unsure the default GRB value is usually safe.
  • LED Layout - Select the layout for your controls/buttons. This is used for static themes and some per-button animations.
  • LEDs Per Button - Set the number of LEDs in each button on your chain.
  • Max Brightness - Set the maximum brightness for the LEDs. Ranges from 0-255.
  • Brightness Steps - The number of levels of brightness to cycle through when turning brightness up and down.

RGB LED Button Order


Please note that RGB Button LEDs must be the first LEDs configured. They will start at index 0 on the RGB LED strip.

Also, at the current time, each button can only have one instance in the LED chain. This is the case even if multiple LEDs are assigned per button and multiple buttons are assigned to different GPIO pins.

GP2040-CE Configurator - RGB LED Button Order

Rearrange the Buttons in the order of the LED Chain. This is different between devices and is determined by manufacturer of the board and LEDs.

Player LEDs (XInput)

Available selections for Player LED Type are None, PWM or RGB.

PWM Player LEDs

GP2040-CE Configurator - PWM Player LEDs

  • PLED #[1-4] Pin - The GPIO pin the standard LED is connected to.

RGB Player LEDs


Please note that RGB Player LEDs must be located at an index after the RGB LED Buttons on the LED strip! The Web Config interface will suggest a starting index based on the number of LED buttons mapped in RGB LED Button Order and the select LEDs Per Button value. We hope to remove this limitation in the future.

GP2040-CE Configurator - PWM Player LEDs

  • PLED #[1-4] Index - The index of the LED module on the RGB strip.
  • RGB PLED Color - Click the box to reveal a color picker, or manually enter the color.